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Johnnie guilbert


Does anyone have any clue what this guy’s name is?  You all have your favorite scene/emo models and internet guys… well, this is mine.  And I have no clue who he is XD


Anonymous asked:
Slutty confession: I had webcam sex with a guy three years older than me, plus through Kik and snapchat we sent a lot of nudes to each other.


Anonymous asked:
He recently turned 18 and I turn 15 in October...

You shouldn’t date right now then. Wait until you’re 18. If you were 16 or 17, now that would be different

Anonymous asked:
Me and my boyfriend recently broke up because of age difference. He said that he'll still be around but I love him and want to be more than friends. What should I do???

What I say depends on the age difference. How old are you and how old is he?

Anonymous asked:
I get called a slut which makes me wonder whether I am a slut. But then I think should I be slutty then the accusation slut would be true? I get called a slut by boys I close off when they try to get close to me, so would it be good to be a slut? Is this even a slutty confession? It's a confession about the topic 'slutty' so yeah.

IUnless you sleep around with a lot of guys then youre not a slut. Don’t start sleeping around just to make what they say about you true. If you want to sleep with guyys, then go right ahead and do so and dont care what others say. Whatever you do, just make sure to stay safe

Anonymous asked:
Slutty confession: I'm a bit of an exibitionist and enjoy people looking at me. Sometimes I walk past the window in my house naked or don't wear panties under a mini skirt or dress. I also love 'accidentally' having my shirt come down and show my chest more


Anonymous asked:
i'm dating this kid, and we fuck around alot, but i'm sercretly talking to my ex, and my boyfriend doesnt know, becausae he hates him, but i'm still madly inlove with my ex but i also love my boyfriend O.o help

I’d say you should call it off with your boyfriend if you’re into someone else as well since it’s not fair to him. If the reason you and your ex broke up is bc of specific things (idk how to word what i mean) then dont break up bc you guys broke up for a reason. if it was bc of something like you were too far away from each other or were just too busy for each other atm then get back with him. talk to your boyfriend about this-i had the same problem before. i was into someone else even though i still was into my boyfriend and i talked to him about it and he helped me through it,